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Project Information

How to connect to reporting database

Use your administrator account to login, in Administration->Database->Create New Database, fill-in related information. That's it.

JERT release package includes only jdbc driver for hsql. If you need to connect to other type of database, please add the corresponding jdbc driver lib to your classpath.

How to create report

After the database is created, we can begin to add desired reports. In Administration->Reports->Create New currently we have 3 reporting type we can choose from:

    Static sql query report; the user does not need to do any inputs to the report, we can freely input any sql query, such as:
    select * from user
    Simple fixed parameter query report; the user is required to input certain parameters in order to get query search results, such as:
    select * from user where age > #age#.
    Here the parameter needs to be surrounded by "#".
    <plain>select * from user where 1 = 1 </plain>
    <dynamic type="isNotNull" append-before="and age > " parameter-name="age"/>
    <dynamic type="isNotNull" append-before="and sex = " parameter-name="sex"/>

    When the user inputs only the age parameter, it will result in the following query:
    select * from user where 1 = 1 and age > 18

    When the user inputs age and sex parameters, it will result in the following query:
    select * from user where 1 =1 and age > 18 and sex = 'male'

Parameter Declaration

If the report has parameter(s), you need to set the parameter type.

Type: please set it according to the database parameter type
Optional: the parameter is not required
DefaultValue: the default value for the parameter

Import/Export Report Definition

In Administration->Reports->Export ALL To XML, this will export all the definition files in the database.
You can export single report definition by clicking on each report defintion.

In Administration->Reports->Import From XML, this will import the exported XML file back into database.
You can use this feature to do report definition backup, restore, or report migration across similar databases.

Jert 0.3 Released (2005-03-16)
Jert 0.2 Released (2005-02-03)
Homepage Ready (2005-01-29)
Jert 0.1 Released (2005-01-23)