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Step 1: Installation

After executing ant war, there will be a "jert.war" under dist directory, please deploy it to under any servlet container(for common servlet container, such as Tomcat, Resin, Jetty, etc, you can just copy it under webapps folder).

If you downloaded a war version, you can deploy it directly.

Step 2: Config administrator account

Go to http://localhost:8080/jert/setup/index.action (please make appropriate changes for different machine names and ports), you can create an administrator account, and use this account to login.

Step 3: Import Sample Data

First we need to create a database that connects to JERT-bundled hsql northwind database

  • Go to Administration->Databases->Create New Database
  • Select HSQL Standalone Mode
  • Put jdbc:hsqldb:D:\jert\sample\northwind\northwind in the URL field (make corresponding changes based on your jert path)
  • Username: sa, password is empty

Then we can import some report samples.

  • Go to Administration->Reports
  • Choose the database we just created, and choose Import From XML
  • Select the sample\northwind\reports.xml file and click Submit button

After the import is completed, we can then visit these sample reports under Reports modules.

Jert 0.3 Released (2005-03-16)
Jert 0.2 Released (2005-02-03)
Homepage Ready (2005-01-29)
Jert 0.1 Released (2005-01-23)