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Project Information


JavaEye Reporting Tool (JERT) is an open-source, web-based database reporting tool. It allows you to create flexible reports without any programming (though you'll need SQL knowledge). It's a lightweight reporting environment, the report can be created to quickly share information via web.

Why Yet Another Reporting Tool?

What we need is a lightweight report tools that can create reports quickly, and share the information online.

Before this JERT project, we tried a few open source tools: JasperReports, JFreeReport, Datavision, ART, openreports. The first 3 report tools can fully satisfy our clients' requirements. But they are too heavyweight, and requires the user to have knowledges of XML, report designer, etc. ART is too simple, and does not support sql query generated with dynamic parameters, and the codes are based on servlet's output write, not easily expandible.

Openreports is the closest one to our specs, but its report is based on JFreeReport, and still requires the user to understand related knowledges. Therefore the final decision is to develop a lightweight, easily expandible, easily integratable report tools: JERT.

Jert 0.3 Released (2005-03-16)
Jert 0.2 Released (2005-02-03)
Homepage Ready (2005-01-29)
Jert 0.1 Released (2005-01-23)